Why a Spray on Liner?

  • Available in standard or optional colors.
  • Resists corrosives such as gasoline, pesticides, salts, oils, solvents and some acids.
  • Bonds permanently to your truck bed.

Pick a Color!

Who says liners have to be black? If you like color, you can choose from a variety of our standard colors.

You Get a Safe, Non-Skid Surface.

Only the unique, low pressure application and textured surface of a spray-on liner keeps your cargo from slipping, provides safe footing and prevents damage to your truck bed and it's contents.

It Adds Resale Value to Your Truck.

The superb protection provided by an Armor Linings spray-on liner leaves your truck bed looking like new, even after years of wear and hard work.

When We Put It On, It Stays On.

Armor Linings combine skilled application with tough, durable polyurethane to guarantee you a smooth, seamless water and air-tight seal. You also get total lasting protection. Armor Linings handle extreme weather, harsh chemicals and daily abuse without cracking, warping, or corroding.

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